Teaching Hospital

Posted: August 4, 2007 in Random

Our lead pastor told our staff the other day that Oak Leaf has become a teaching hospital of sorts. Pretty good analogy, we are in a position to learn on the fly and show other people along the way how its done. Is also very strange that we are just shy of being a year old and random pastors and church planters from all over are coming to observe what we do on Sunday mornings. Believe it or not, some come back for more! I have personally talked with a number of church planters who want the inside scoop. It’s funny to me how you can become an expert at something, which you are doing for the first time and that you have only been doing for a year. The term Veteran is used loosely in the NFL, because of the short life span of a career. In church world the average pastor stays at their church 2 years. Pretty interesting, but it all boils down to this.

It’s fun to be sought after, admired, and considered novel, but we are just passionate about the church, in the right place at the right time, and along for the ride. God has gifted Michael to communicate, me to organize and others to do their thing, but we are learning on the job. I have 3 mentors whom I pester regularly, but people still ask my opinion!? So here we are at the Oak Leaf Teaching hospital trying not to amputate the wrong leg or ruin what God is up to. However feel free to ask your questions and I’ll fire back my experienced responses. 🙂


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