Where is the line?

Posted: August 6, 2007 in Church Leadership

When you were a kid and someone drew a line in the sand you knew it meant a punch in the nose for crossing to the other side. In church world it has to do with crossing the line of what’s right and decent into what’s cutting edge and relevant. I personally think we do a good job, but know that we will always have people who feel we “crossed the line.”

We recently borrowed an idea from a church in Oklahoma and used their ad campaign to spice things up in Cartersville. This weekend the staff put out some leftover signs that said “Boycott Oak Leaf Church” – Satan. It’s not shocking (to us anyway) that people didn’t get it. I realize that it’s not 3 Stooges humor, but sarcasm is still a valid comedic method in most of the country. A couple weeks ago a lady called the church telling us that she had been looking at a postcard  for 2 days (it said the same thing as our road signs), couldn’t figure it out, so she called the church for help. Today a lady called and said that she wanted us to be aware that someone had put out “professionally done” (Satan’s got a huge marketing budget) signs about boycotting our church. She wanted us to be aware and couldn’t believe someone would be so hateful toward a church. I guess she wouldn’t have handled it well if she knew we did it?! 🙂


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