Posted: August 8, 2007 in Random

Here’s the deal…you have to be tough and have thick skin (Gatorskin) in any job when you are in leadership. Someone, somewhere is going to try and discredit you and/or they are going to critique the way you do your job. The point? Don’t take it personally, accept criticism well, and believe that your boss really wants you to succeed until he proves otherwise!

I learned this lesson as an umpire for Little League. Parent’s are pretty cruel and intense with you when you call a strike on their kid or you call their kid out on a close play. My favorite play was a play at the plate. Someone got a base hit and this little boy comes flying in toward home plate. The catcher got the ball and reached to tag him out. Instead of sliding the little boy jumped over the catcher and landed on the opposite side of home plate. The catcher looked at me to see what the call was and I didn’t make one. The kid wasn’t tagged and he didn’t touch the plate, so we wasn’t out or safe. The catcher realizing what happened ran over and tagged the boy. Naturally, I called him out….that’s when it got nuts. The boy’s mom who was tagged out started calling me names, pulled her kid out of the game, and everyone was acting like a Tennessee fan.

I hope you understand the point…don’t react until you have all of the information. It’s silly to jump to conclusions and to assume you know what someone’s motives are. It’s worse to make decisions based on bad intel, so chill out and talk it over with the “accuser.” Your boss might be dead wrong, but give him a chance to admit it and see his side of the story, before you send a nasty e-mail, quit, or do something silly like these guys.

  1. Laura says:

    Josh just e-mailed this to me. I am waiting for a “ditty” on how great your sister-in-law is!!!!

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