Posted: August 9, 2007 in College Football

If you are bored, just remember we officially have only 21 days 11 hours and 5 minutes (if you need it down to the seconds click here) until the start of another college football season. Last year was a great year for the Gators. I realize that I am a little slanted and I am not on a Florida rant here, but I have some minor problems with college football that almost kept them out of the championship this past year.

Why do teams get a free pass just because of their history? Notre Dame had no business in the top 15 last year, let alone top 5. Every time they played a decent team they got spanked. USC is a talented team, but they can coast through most of their schedule in the PAC-10 (except when they play one of the mediocre teams like UCLA). Oklahoma couldn’t beat Boise State and every time they got to play in the championship (after losing horribly the game before) they got spanked.

My point is the SEC traditionally and currently will put a half-dozen teams in the top-25 and naturally they will knock each other out of contention for the National Championship. Not arguing for a playoff (except when dumb stuff like Auburn getting left out of the championship happens), just stating the obvious. Auburn deserved to play in the national championship more in 2004 then Florida did last year…that’s how dumb the system can be.

I also just really wanted to share a music-less music video (Itunes won’t let me attached the song) that I made for my students last year. If you have Power Point check it out the Championship Video. If you start “We Are the Champions” by Queen as the same time you will understand. Enjoy…It’s a treat! 🙂

  1. Josh says:

    well you got one thing right Anthony…. good work on your website here.


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