Posted: August 10, 2007 in Random

You may already know this, but you have to be a little arrogant to do a number of things in life. It takes a big personality and charisma to be a Head Coach. You have to be slightly cocky to be a CEO or nobody will listen to your directions (just knowing something isn’t enough). It takes a bunch of confidence to be a Preacher and get up in front of thousands of people and tell them anything with conviction. Finally, in my opinion you definitely need to be a little cocky or “over-confident” to have a blog.

A blog is basically an opportunity to share your unsolicited opinions with thousands of people. The key part is that it’s an unsolicited opinion. It’s only slightly different then me walking into my neighbor’s house and saying, “You really need to plant some flowers and wash your car today.” They don’t care what I think!

I am not saying that everyone with a blog is arrogant, for some it’s just a place to update family. But you have to admit anyone that thinks people care what they think when they didn’t ask must be a little arrogant (my wife has been telling me this for years anyway). Plus, so-called experts are always going pontificate about a little bit of everything like who will win and if it will rain tomorrow.

I am having a blast and hope more people read my blog for their personal enjoyment and/or improvement. So, maybe I am just as bad as all the other guys, but maybe every two or three blogs I will say something profound…who knows?


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