Good to Great

Posted: August 11, 2007 in Church Leadership

A number of great leaders have suggested that one of the books all managers/leaders/business owners read is Good to Great. I took their advice to heart, bought 10 copies for our staff and then gave everyone an assignment. Each staff member was to write their top 10 takeaways and decide the one thing Oak Leaf Church could become the best at doing. My personal top 10 is listed below:

1. 95% of the Good To Great CEO’s came from within the company.
2. Focus on what not to do as much as what to do.
3. The right people will not need to be motivated or tightly managed, they will be self-motivated by their inner drive to produce the best results for the company….need a farmer work ethic.
4. Working hard and producing isn’t the same thing.
5. Look at the facts then just do it.
6. There should always be a forum where the staff can tell the senior executives what they are doing wrong.
7. Understand what we can do best.
8. Adopt a simple strategy and use it as a framework for all other decisions.
9. Must say no to big opportunities if it doesn’t fit in with what we are trying to accomplish…good results are an accumulation of lots of little accomplishments.
10. Ask Why?…much of what you might be doing might at best be a waste of energy.

Oak Leaf Church could excel at having the best service in town.


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