If you are tough…act like it!

Posted: August 11, 2007 in College Football

I find it humorous and silly that any football coach would let their offense hold hands or interlock arms with other players when running onto the field before a game. There isn’t much less manly then holding another dudes hand and then running. Furthermore, as a center you already have to deal with a guy touching your butt to start every play, why would you want to hold hands in the huddle?

Any team that does that before, during or after a game should be penalized 15 yards.

  1. jonathan says:


    Cool blog man…figures the first time I check it out you’d be slamming my beloved Tigers. Ha! Too funny. But since you did bring it up, here’s a link that explains why Auburn does this:

    It’s an excerpt from Chette William’s new book. Chette is Auburn’s team chaplain. In this chapter he explains that it symbolizes what the Roman Soldiers did, linking their armour together…literally fighting to the death…if one went down, others carried him.

    I still agree with you for the most part though…it’s mega cheesy and a little wimpy. But, since I always defend Auburn, thought I would share this cool story. The story of the 2004 undefeated football team is a very cool thing. Many many players accepted Christ and Chette has made a HUGE impact on that campus and now other chaplains across the country are following his example.

    Just read the excerpt, it will make more sense. If you’d like, I have a video of the players in the locker room singing “Hard Fighting Soldiers”….in fact, I may even have one of them singing the fight song after beating FL last year.

    Looking forward to reading your blog dude. Tell your fam Dana and I say hello.

  2. lavalamp775 says:

    i 100% agree that holding hands in the huddle is absolutely silly, no matter who did it years ago.

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