Posted: August 14, 2007 in Theology

I am no Henry Blackaby or T.W. Hunt, but I do pray every once in a while myself. My point here isn’t to tell you how to get your prayers answered or give you a three step plan to health and wealth. I do however realize that I am praying to God Almighty, the Creator of the Universe, who knows everything I will pray before I even think of it.

With that said I have a few thoughts…

1. Why do people thank God for the day, being here today, or this chance to come together? Its like I tell my Journey Group, we can tell if you prayed this morning by whether you thank Jesus for the day, dying on the cross, saving us, His precious Blood and being Creator before you actually state your point or make your request.

2. Why do people say “Father God”, “Dear Lord”, and “Lord” four times per sentence like that have to remind God they are talking to him? You wouldn’t say Hey, Bob. What’s happening today Bob. Bob it’s so good to see you Bob. Bob I would love Bob to hangout sometime Bob…but I bet money you have heard a prayer like that with Father God in there instead.

3. How come we talk to God some of the time and the people in the room some of the time? We pray to God and say things that are obviously intended for the amusement people in the room. If you had an audience with the President, I bet you wouldn’t answer your cell phone or talk to a friend that walked by. He would get your full and undivided attention (even if you didn’t vote for him).

I just wonder how our prayers sound to God when Jesus distinctly said we won’t be heard because of our many words.


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