Being right

Posted: August 15, 2007 in Church Leadership

One of the most obviously wrong things in life is how some people can consistently fail at a task and still keep their job. Weathermen for instance, are allowed to be wrong 70% of the time and keep their job. Not only do they get it wrong and tell people whether it’s going to rain when it’s not, but they have satellites and multi-million dollar technology at their disposal to get it right.

A major league baseball player is another person who can get paid well to mess up 70% of the time. Many make millions and only find success 25% of time time(.250 Batting Avg.). My point is that most of us have to work hard to be right and be able to explain our methods as well. Could our Pastor really say, “The Bible says that ________ is wrong” and be wrong 70% of time? No way!! He can’t be wrong 10% of the time or people would call him a heretic (some people already do :))

I guess it’s interesting to me that only Christians and Christian leaders get held to a standard of perfection when most other careers and people can be wrong at least some of the time about what they say and do.

  1. -ryan says:

    Hey Anothony! Just wanted to say I really like your blog!

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