Posted: August 17, 2007 in Church Leadership

I read some blogs that talk about marketing, business strategy, and just good ideas. I had a random thought inspired by our move to an office by Fuddruckers.

We hired a moving company that will remain unnamed and they fell a little short of my expectations. Just so everyone knows my expectations are always high and excuses are irrelevant.

I wanted to shared my philosophy of how you should operate your business (it isn’t new). It’s basically promise low, deliver high. For the movers the critical piece that was missing was delivering high. When they left we should have been thinking man that was fast. Instead we thought this is really taking a long time (and you better believe I told them).

Jesus used this scheme when He did ministry. He would ask people, “what do you want me to do for you?” Then he would heal them and forgive their sins too.

Christians and the church should blow people’s expectations out of the water, most of the time we barely live up to them…not good.


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