Slightly fired up…

Posted: August 18, 2007 in College Football

I was reading my latest subscription of the ESPN the Magazine, this morning and it reopened a wound.

I think most of their top 10 made sense, but as I read the schedules of the teams in the top ten I got fired up. Something is wrong with ranking a team No. 1 when the hardest team they play is Nebraska. The No. 2 team (that lost two their starting QB) could legitimately lose 6 of the games they play. Their No. 3 ranked team only has to sweat for two of their games (one being against Nebraska). The No. 4 team only has one legitimate challenge in Louisville. I’ll stop at No. 5...they play two tough teams and should/could lose both games.

My point…if teams are legitimately going to be in the top 10 they have to have stiff competition week after week. If you can rest your starters half the game, because you are blowing people out, your players aren’t tested the way a legitimate champion should be.

Am I alone on this?

  1. michael says:

    yes, you are alone.

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