Choices, choices, choices!

Posted: August 20, 2007 in Church Leadership

In my opinion choice in service times is an underestimated benefit that churches provide their people. Pastors initially choose times that seem to produce the most attendance. Church planters pick their service times around school administrators, movie theater show times, budget constraints and other factors. Here is my point…

Ask your people how and why they chose to show up when they did and I bet you get a bunch of different reasons. Some who come early will say its because they still have the rest of their day. Those who come late will say it’s because they can sleep in. Others will say its because they can still make it to another church service.

My point is that all the reasons are valid and choice shouldn’t be relegated only to super-markets and shopping malls. Give people options and you might find you see people show up that you never expected to reach or who you never expected to serve. For some it might mean creating a second service and others simply changing the time. Having a second service is good for your people because it let’s them choose and because it let’s them serve without missing the service.


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