Posted: August 21, 2007 in Random

I don’t mind shopping. In fact, most of the time I enjoy it. However, when you don’t have a real mission it one of the worst experiences you can have as a guy. Wandering around aimlessly in a store hoping to bump into the deal of the century is not my idea of a good time (that would be fishing on lake in the mountains catching a 10 lb. bass).

Today, Michael and I are heading to IKEA to shop for office furniture. This is probably one of the least masculine things two guys can do together. I know if I saw two guys shopping together for furniture, what I would assume. Oh, well…I guess I will have to talk loudly about my wife after looking at a desk. “Man, my wife would love that desk.” “That shelf, is just what my wife would want in our guest bedroom.”

This is going to be weird!

  1. Carrie says:

    you have a wife?

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