Is it really that hard?

Posted: August 21, 2007 in Random

I find it incredibly humorous (except for when I find out after standing in line for an hour) when stores are out of their main product. I have been to Pizza Hut when they had no stuffed crust pizza, Popeye’s with no chicken (actually my sister had this experience), Arby’s with no curly fries, and today to IKEA with no legs for the tables.

Is is really that difficult to make sure you have something in stock? I mean come on, everyone has complicated programs that track inventory and automatically order more when its low, yet you can still go somewhere and have them be out of their essential product.

It blows my mind.

  1. Tanya says:

    I honestly think that Ikea uses those putt-putt pencils and the little scraps of paper that they give you to write on as their inventory system. I’ll have to admit to loving the fact that they carry $1 pillows – but now i’ve got to pay an additional $.10 just to get a plastic bag to put it in at the checkout. I bet you they have a sophisticated inventory system for those plastic bags.

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