Thanks Truckers…

Posted: August 23, 2007 in Random

I doubt I am the only one that gets annoyed when they are driving in Atlanta. Like many of you, I think I am the best driver and yet break a lot of the rules that I have for the way other people should drive.

The only rule I never break…because its so annoying…is the one about rushing down to the end of the lane that is closed and merging in at the last minute. It’s those people that cause the huge backups for the merging process and I love being at the end in the lane they have to merge into and not let them merge…sweet revenge.

Yesterday while heading south on I-75 some truckers did a really cool thing. They drove half-way into the far left lane and blocked all those jerks from rushing up to the end and causing us to slow down. I bet it annoyed the heck out of the little cars that were trying to speed down there (and it’s probably illegal), but it was really cool. Two thumbs up for those truckers!


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