Wrong Cheese?

Posted: August 24, 2007 in Church Leadership

Supposedly if you love someone, you are suppose to know exactly how they like their frappuccinos, what cheese they want on their sandwich and whether they would be ticked if you got them red roses instead of pink. Actually, all of that stuff is probably true, you should know all of that stuff about your husband or wife, because it shows you pay attention. The rubber meets the road when you stop on the way home to pick up dinner and you get pickles and mustard instead of leaving off both…it’s not good.

There is an application for all of us. When you are involved in serious relationships you have to spend some time to figure out how to impress them (its not revving up your engine or loud speakers). When you are leading a church it’s no different. Instead of dating you survey, poll, and ask the questions that will help you learn how to serve them.

Nobody should get into ministry with the mind to make a name for themselves, build something that will make them rich, or have a building named after them. Instead we ought of fall in love with the church, our Savior and the privilege it is to lead the people God sends our way. What is really important is knowing your church takes seriously the Golden Rule (Gratto Edition). “Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.” Focus on meeting their needs and they won’t even remember what they wanted!


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