Dog Years

Posted: August 27, 2007 in Church Leadership

Oak Leaf Church is an anomaly.  There is only one church that I know of like us (although there are probably quite a few more somewhere) that have experienced such tremendous growth in a short time.

I told our lead team today that we can’t think in 5 and 10 year plans.  What happens at OLC is like Dog Years.  A normal church would get months to plan, we are literally given days (sometimes hours) to make huge decisions.  I approached Michael (Lead Pastor) in early July and said if people keep at this rate we are going to have to do something quick.  The result: our staff was given a week and an half to start a third service and I promise it’s not as simple as just doing it again.

So where are we now?  Well since starting the 3rd service (which has grown from 90 to 220 in 6 weeks) we have grown to 740.  We have grown by 200 people in a month and we are now in the position where we have to do something drastic.  Lot’s of ideas are floating around, but we are waiting for the Lord to crystallize one of them.

It’s been a blast, but it’s stretching me way more then any toe touches could ever do.  Anyone seen Shaq with that Icy Hot stuff?

  1. markgarland says:

    Isn’t it GREAT!!!!! You guys are doing an awesome job.

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