IKEA Part II – the return

Posted: August 29, 2007 in Random

So, we went to IKEA today to get rid of some tables. The short story is that IKEA sold us tables with no legs (because they were out of stock) and we were instructed to order them online. We got back to the office and the site was down and so was the phone ordering system…shocker!

Today we returned the table tops…this is where it gets interesting. I loaded up the table tops on one of their carts and wheeled it up to the counter. Normal first step…or so I thought. The person in front of me finished, so I took his place in line. The lady looks at me odd then says what’s your number? I said what do you mean I am next in line. She tells me I have to take a number. I asked why and after a brief, but useless explanation I walk over and take a number.

Literally two seconds later she calls out…number 79. I look down…I have 79! I turn toward her and start shaking my head and let her call out 79 a little louder a few more times then I say, that’s me!!!

I don’t know if you can have an experience more like a Seinfeld episode, but that was utterly ridiculous. The guy behind me is laughing and she is trying to figure out why their crackpot system doesn’t work. Then she has the audacity to say here is your receipt, so you can use it when you come back. I told her you don’t have to worry, I won’t be back.


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