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Posted: August 30, 2007 in Random

I don’t think anything on the road, other then someone flicking a cigarette butt out the window, irritates me more then someone driving around with a cardboard license plate that says…”Tag Applied For,” “Lost Tag,” or “Tag Stolen.”

Why is this person not in jail? How can you drive around with a cardboard sign on your car that basically says, I am doing something illegal, but please forgive me because I have a cardboard sign on my car that explains the whole thing? If that really works, which it must because they are always driving and not pulled over on the side of the road, then I should be able to do that with my driver’s license, put one up when I need to speed or when I don’t have time to wait in a traffic jam.

I’ll get a bunch of cardboard and a tile knife and when I get in a traffic jam I’ll write, “I am in a hurry to get home to see my wife”, to explain why I am driving in the median. When I get too many speeding tickets, I pull out my cardboard drivers license, which says “my other one was taken away because of too many tickets.”

It’s just plain dumb.

  1. Jason Curlee says:

    Wow…I’ve never seen that one before.

  2. Ronald says:

    I just moved to Georgia where I first saw this and thought the same thing. But then I bought a used car from a private party and found out that the license plate stays with the person, not the car, and I had to drive the car home without any plate. They told me I just have to use a cardboard “Tag Applied For” sign until I can get it registered. It seems pretty stupid to me, but I guess that’s how things are done in Georgia.

  3. Ian says:

    Actually, I bought a car on a Friday evening and tag office didn’t reopen until Monday morning. Thus, in order to avoid being pulled over every 50 yards for no tag, I put a “Tag Applied For” tag on my car for the weekend and was fine. That’s what the DMV told me to do when I called a few days before I bought the car.

  4. Rainey says:

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. Only in the South. Ironically I tend to notice the vehicle because they have just committed a traffic violation (eg. speeding,following too close, erratic lane changes). I guess this helps car thieves,bank robbers and the child abductors elude capture. I want to put an end to this.

    • Mary Whitworth says:

      what’s so hard to digest about it? what should it say? Police officer, don’t stop me. I have a grace period I’m adhereing to; not my fault. A simply ignored missing tag will make an officer stop you because they want to know what’s up. No, you can’t drive forever with the cardboard stand in. The cops would notice that as well. this system is fine.

  5. Murray Griffin says:

    How funny. I would have agreed but i just left the Tag Office in Mississippi. The Purple Heart tag that I got has to be made. It has a 14 day waiting period. I’m gonna try the “Tag Applied For” tactic, since I will be driving from Mississippi to Ft. Drum in Watertown, New York, in 4 days. My police chief says that I will be a target for any officer that has a quota to fill.

  6. ej says:

    wow you have too much time on your hands

  7. awake says:

    I would have agreed with this myself, but it’s funny cause I have to do something similar this weekend.

    I have to pick up a car I’m buying from a private owner in another state, and there is nothing I can do to get a GA tag until I get here, so “Tag Applied For” label it is.

  8. Mitch says:

    Smarter to have something on back of the automobile. What poster may not realize is tag theft in much more common than auto theft. ” tag applied for ” doesn’t stop a cop from pulling you over it simply tells him your’s wasn’t stolen and you are aware of the fact that there is no tag on the vehicle.

  9. Francisco says:

    I leave in Georgia and the DMV says it is legal to drive the car for 30 days in event of a purchase. I see this as a convenience and the putting up of the Tag Applied For and added convenience so you don’t get pulled over every so often. How do the nay sayers here propose this be done in a better, less inconvenient, way?

  10. matt says:

    inbreeding, what can you do?

  11. I’m purchasing a vehicle today, and I need to get it home somehow. And since I can’t get the tag for a day or two, it’s a place holder. So at least I can get it from the persons property that I’m buying it from back to my own home.

    Makes sense to me :/


  12. mel says:

    i just bought a car from a private seller. its been at my husbands shop getting some work done. now its time to go get it and bring it to the tag office to get the tag and turn in the old title and wait for my new title with my name to come in the mail. we’ve already got insurance on it. thats the first thing u need to do when at all possible. its not legal and its not illegal (as ive been told by a few cop friends) but putting a “TAG APPLIED FOR” sign on ur car or truck or whatever ur buying wont keep u from getting pulled over for no tag. it just depends on the cop that sees u with no real tag on the new car u just bought. the cop cant read ur mind and know ur story that u just bought it so more likely theyre going to pull u over just to make sure its not stolen and ur just pretending to have bought it. u just have to have ur new insurance card and ur signed title and/or bill of sale showing u just bought the car or truck. thats the biggest proof u have to have with u in that car if u get pulled over. last i heard for the longest time, georgia gives u 30 days to get ur tag (also know as ur registration). lately ive heard from a few people its been shortened to 2 weeks but it doesnt matter to me as i usually get insurance and tag within a few days to a week.

    i think the putting a cardboard “TAG APPLIED FOR” sign just shows ‘hey i just bought the car. going to go get my tag. just wanted to let u know i didnt steal the car’ or ‘no one stole my tag, i just bought this car.’

    ive been pulled over with and without the cardboard or paper “TAG APPLIED FOR” sign. the cop still asks for the title and/or bill of sale to see the proof that i just bought the car. its embarrassing to get pulled over… period. if u get pulled over less for having the “TAG APPLIED FOR” sign, i say go for it. the worst that the cop can have u do is remove it. any state has to give u enough time to get ur registration (ur tag). in the state of georgia u have to have insurance on it before u drive it on the road. i do because i work part time, but there are lots of people that have to work monday thru friday and have to ask for a weekday off or part of the day off to go get the tag.

    (i have not confirmed these facts as actual. this is just the knowledge i have off the top of my head about this issue.) call the tag office or ask ur dmv for exact info.

  13. Clarence Risher says:

    I prefer states where the tag stays with the car, but GA decided to do things differently, so there’s really no alternative to a temporary sign unless you want the DMV to give you a “real” temporary tag BEFORE you go get your new-used vehicle.

    In unrelated news, GA is also the only state I’ve lived in where insurance is required on cars, as opposed to on people. That is, in TN and AL and KY and OH you need insurance to get a driver’s license, but in GA you need insurance to register your car. This is another really dumb decision, with ridiculously large loopholes (my older female married roommate is about to insure my car so I can register it).

  14. Joe says:

    Because I’m simultaneously forced to have a license plate and to pay expenses for it. I really hate when force is used against me, and I really hate arbitrary expenses.

  15. B.p says:

    I just got my 2004 gto today, which is sat day and im about to make me one til monday, you idiots need to worry about something thats more important, but i do understand when people have ” Tag Applied For ” on their car for a month now thats stupid but its not your problem so why care so much.

  16. michael says:

    I just had my vehicle title transferred to my name, had to turn the plate in (North Carolina). I have insurance and registration in my name, however it needs a safety inspection in order for me to go get my own tag. So I essentially have a tagless vehicle needing inspection to get a tag. Big loophole/money racket technique by the state. They offer temporary tags but the lady at the tag office failed to mention that to me and I was unaware, yes its my responsibility to know ahead of time but with so many loopholes its kind of hard to know them all. Since I’m a college student and left the tag office at 4:45pm on Friday, its been closed all weekend, with no viable option for inspection or a new tag, I have an eight oclock class tomorrow morning. I’m making a “temporary tag” tonight until I get out of class tomorrow, have it inspected and go get a new plate. Thanks for being an asshole to the original poster, people like you show too much concern for something that doesnt concern you personally. Quit crying, not ALL people who are forced to use the custom made plate temporarily are bad guys, they just have no other option.

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