Michigan, Notre Dame, Florida State…and leadership

Posted: September 5, 2007 in Church Leadership, College Football

I am not going to join in on the constant banter about which of these teams is in trouble or whether their coach should get fired. Here is my bottom line thought.

Success is almost always related to coaching and with few exceptions the level of talent you have to work with. Coach Bowden walks around on the sideline blowing his nose and rarely has a headset on or talks to his players. He actually hired the ex-coach of NC State as his executive head coach so he can get paid to pace the sidelines and do interviews. I don’t know much about Lloyd Carr, but I do know that the only excuse someone has when losing to the equivalent of the Indianapolis Colts losing to Indiana is not being a good leader.

My thought is that if you are can’t get the job done…the leading, making people believe, getting people in a position to win then step aside. This isn’t related only two football.

Church leaders eventually lose their appeal and ability to motivate. At some point you are sick of hearing their stories, know what they are going to say, and start finishing their sentences. At that point you are probably tuning them out and therefore they can’t effectively lead. It’s kind of like the best friend that has been at your house for two straight days. Eventually, you want them out…it’s not fun anymore.

Pastors, coaches, and business leaders need to realize that they won’t always be effective and holding on because you are scared of having to start over is a lame excuse for mediocrity.


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