“Iron Sharpens Iron”

Posted: September 6, 2007 in Church Leadership

It’s interesting how easily you can become dull in ministry and how quickly you can lose your edge. Preachers don’t have the luxury of preaching a lame sermon one or two Sundays a month and then picking it up on the other ones. You don’t get to go through a slump and then break out after months of nobody coming to church or giving an offering.

It’s also funny that pastors regularly surround themselves with people who can do them no good. Why sit around with a bunch of pastor who have average sized churches when you have an average sized church?  The need of every leader is to hangout with leaders that do whatever you do better then you do it.  If not you will just get dull.  Can you really expect to be challenged and encouraged by being with someone who isn’t knocking it out of the park? Seriously, what will you learn from them…they obviously can’t do much better then you.

Sometimes there are leaders who have to go out of their comfort zone and the familiar to learn.  Our church isn’t like any other church in town, so when we want to learn from people that do it better then us…we have to drive 4 hours.  There are great and growing churches in our association, but we don’t sit down and talk choir with them, because we don’t have one.

The challenge for leaders is to never get comfortable doing it the same way just because it worked before.  It won’t always work.  It no different then running the same commercial for 10 years in a row.  Nobody is paying attention anymore.

Bottom line….if you are with people that don’t think out of the box you are going to be stuck in a box.

  1. Stephen Cole says:

    I received your apology e-mail today and had to see for my self what all the fuss is about. Brother you just said literally what some of us have felt for several years. The unique situation that we find ourselves in in Bartow County is the “lets just keep things as they are” mentality. Your exactly right, no one is thinking outside the box. Most of our pastors do not even know what the term postmodern means, or how the church should evolve to reach the postmodern culture. I am glad to hear what the Lord is accomplishing at OLC. I would love to converse with you about what process OLC is using for discipleship. Do not worry about the critiques. You must know when God is busy, Satan is also. Keep the faith.

    Stephen Cole, Associate Pastor @ Glade Road Baptist Church

  2. Stephen Cole says:

    After rethinking what I said in my earlier comment, I would like to ammend my comment about our association’s pastors. We have wonderful men of God in Bartow who all love the Lord. Yet we all have different methods of proclaiming the same message. We have much we can learn from each other. Our focus should be to sharpen one another in order to make the church of Jesus Christ strong.

    S. Cole

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