Hard Work…

Posted: September 11, 2007 in Church Leadership

I think there is a myth floating around church circles that working at a church is a 9-5 youth retreat. That we are getting paid to sit around and read our Bibles, pray, and sing worship songs. The real problem with this myth is all of the people going to seminary and/or desiring jobs in the church who want these jobs because of those misconceptions.

In staff meeting this morning I shared this passage in Nehemiah. It’s a powerful story of doing a difficult task against all odds. Nobody wanted to see the wall be rebuilt. The people doing the work (doing a great job by the way) were scared, frustrated, and wanted to quit. Nehemiah’s job wasn’t easy (he even had to get nasty with swords and spears) and it didn’t happen in a day.

Ministry isn’t easy, it’s work, and everyone whether a volunteer or staff must be working their tail off to make it happen. I often look at my position as it being similar to a tour guide. Michael tells us the destination and I try to get us there. It wouldn’t happen if our volunteers and staff were taking it easy and reading their Bible’s all day.

I can tell you with 99% certainty that 900 people wouldn’t have showed up last week if we wimped out somewhere along the way because it was too tough to setup at 6 AM or add a third service, or change some kids dirty diapers.


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