Make Your Own…Theology

Posted: September 14, 2007 in Theology

We have a great Journey Group. My journey group is made up of the perfect combination of people, to where it just works. We have great discussions, have varied opinions, and always seem to be able to help each other grow.

The other night we had a discussion that got me thinking about how many times people determine what they believe about God, the Church, and Christians by their feelings. The discussion we had stemmed from our Pastor’s message on Homosexuality. The message was one of the better I have heard on the subject, but it still called sin, sin.

That discussion started another one on whether people who have a life-long sin can still be saved. I don’t have the definitive answer (I ain’t God!), but I do know the Bible is clear that you can tell when someone is a Christian. I read a passage from 1 John 3 that I thought was pretty clear in stating that people who sin habitually aren’t saved.

The number of sins and the type aside, if you go to the Bible and see that someone who sins regularly, not from time to time, is “of the devil,” then you can’t excuse them because they are your uncle. Christians should err on the side of grace, but we can’t excuse people who can’t stop (or won’t stop) doing bad things, just because we care about them. I am not calling anyone out, just stating that disagreeing with black and white text in the Bible on a subject is a slippery slope.


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