Florida vs. Tennessee 2

Posted: September 16, 2007 in College Football

Well, I didn’t see that one coming.  Who would have thought that Tennessee would lose by 39 to a defense that lost 9 out of 11 starters from last years team?  I didn’t see it coming, but you never frown on a blowout win against that team from Knoxville.

I am much more confident of the Gators chances to repeat after watching them Saturday.  I still think they will lose to LSU and South Carolina, but 10-2 through the regular season isn’t something to frown about.  It could be worse!

As an armchair coach, I have to say that I am impressed this year with LSU, USC, West Virginia (offense only), Cal and Oregon.  Every other team seems highly overrated and undeserving of such high rankings.  While I am thinking about it, why do the so-called experts get to pontificate on national TV week after week?  I saw the Gameday crew’s record of picking games…most of them are one or two games above .500.  How are they experts?  I could pick the higher ranked team every game and probably be correct 75% of the time.  It pretty stupid, but I, like millions of other fans, still watch!?

  1. John says:

    Boomer Sooner baby, Boomer Sooner.

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