Satan’s City…

Posted: September 17, 2007 in Theology

I love those experiences with God’s word that make you scratch your head. I do my best to read through the Bible every year, which means I have read a few parts of the Bible dozens and dozens of times. I read a passage this morning in Revelation that made me wrinkle my forehead so hard that I now have wrinkles.

Here are my thoughts from this morning’s reading…

1. Satan may have a city. I mean a city as in a capital for his evil empire, from which he works to cause havoc to Chrisitans around the globe.

2. Jesus is the King of Kings. This isn’t the duh, kind of statement like it is when we sing it over and over in a praise chorus. But I mean it as in he rules over presidents or holds authority over them. Coupled with a thought from Proverbs it makes me wonder how Jesus rules these leaders of nations. How does he direct nation’s fates through some of the “evil” leaders and stay holy and just?

I don’t know the answers to any of these questions and would never venture to guess where Satan sets up shop now, but its kind of scary to think that he is setup somewhere…Knoxville, Tallahassee, Athens, who knows?!

  1. Scott Ingersoll says:


    I hope I was not offensive with my earlier comment, but come on guy. Now I like the questions you asked in your Satan’s City blog. Not that I agree that Satan has a city, but that you are questioning how Jesus rules over nations. You had the answer in front of you. Scripture adresses it. It is because God is sovereign. He rules over everyting. From the smalles snowflake, to the biggest fish. Many Christians problems are that they fail to understand just how intimately God is connected with His creation. Note that not a sparrow falls from the sky without his permission, and that every hair on our collective heads is numbered. These verses used to slip by me too, but they are now very clear to me because I understand the God is sovereign. God raises up and bring down nations because he governs over them. They may be evil, wicked and desplicable, but God, in His infinite mercy, lets them go on until, according to His good pleasure, he brings them down. God is merciful to the wicked in that he lets them carry on insulting HIm, He let them live for a while, He even blesses the wicked materially, but to their own destruction because they in the blessings they receive from God, fail to give Him the glory. If you understand this, scripture ;will make much more sense, and you won’t have to scratch your head so much.

    Also, we do not have to be afraid of Satan. Scriptpure says he goes arond as a roaring lion, but – that is all he has been defeated by Christ at calvary. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Christ is building his Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. This means that we will break through the gates of hell, because gates do not move, they are not “offensive.” They do not attack us we attack it. Christ has given us all the spiritual gifts we need to fitght Satan, He has done it all. We can do nothing aside from HIim. There is no truth outside of HIm, the LIght of the World. All is darkness apart from Christ, because all is vanity apart from Him. All is vanity because what value does it have if it perishes.

    Anthony my friend, seek and ye shall find. But you must seek with all your heart. And do not settle for anything but rock solid scripture.

    Scott Ingersoll

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