Prayer Walking…

Posted: September 20, 2007 in Church Leadership

I have some negative feeling the second I hear the words prayer walk. I immediately think of mission trips that center around a “prayer walking” strategy which are usually a result of poor planning and a lack of things for the people on the trip to do.

Tonight we did a modified version of a prayer walk…prayer with no real walking to really prep the Woodland High School campus for Oak Leaf and God’s arrival. I encouraged our Journey Group to embrace the resistance by the community and the future attacks that we are sure to receive and ask God for help. In addition, I asked our groups to be praying for our influence in the community to grow as we move to a place 3 times our current size.

I think it would be great for everyone interested to use the outline, add some specific directions and pray for Oak Leaf as we make this transition. Every journey group leader would help OLC more then they know by scheduling a meeting at Woodland with their group to pray and claim these verses before we move.


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