Mild Debate

Posted: September 21, 2007 in Theology

I love conflict…good conflict that is. I love feeling a certain way or having an opinion and then having to defend it against all odds. Plus, the way I am wired, I don’t get offended or get my feelings hurt, so I never lose sleep about it.

I personally believe (sorry that might be copyrighted), that ministry should be fun. Maybe that’s up for debate and I am sure we could find a few used car salesmen (former pastors) that would disagree. However, joy in your work isn’t just reserved for professional athletes and bar-b-q contest judges. According to the Bible, when you enjoy your job it’s a gift from God. My next thought is that those people who feel like working in a church and going to church should be tough and a huge sacrifice are people that probably have bad experiences and or attend lousy churches.

When we get our weekly comment about a Mom whose kids want to come to Oak Leaf, or a Wife that doesn’t have to bribe her husband to get him to church anymore, I don’t wonder if we are doing the right thing. Pastor/Ministers that are miserable are often miserable because of their inability to make decisions and because they don’t see any results. They probably have a bunch of committees and waiters telling them what they can and cannot do, so they can’t change their style to reach people.

Finally, it’s apparent, to me anyways, that most of the jobs in churches take little or no seminary training. If fact, a number of churches that are making the most “noise” and seeing the most lives changed have a staff full of people who have never set foot in a seminary. The point isn’t that seminary is bad, but that traditional ways of doing things are not as effective. Putting a message on your marquee that says, “Singing and Preaching” isn’t going to help you be fishers of men (lost ones that is). It will actually serve as a warning to lost people that they should steer clear.

  1. Mark says:

    Here’s the thing.

    If you read the Gospels and what Jesus says about the way of a disciple, it is not about fun.

    It’s about being willing to love so much you suffer, and die to self.

    The only thing Jesus promised his disciples is that they would suffer.

    There is a difference between the peace and joy of faith in God and fellowship. Paul expresses that kind of joy, but there is no way he characterizes his ministry except in terms of suffering, endurance and pouring out, as Jesus did.

    No wonder you guys don’t like to have crosses in your churches.

    “Cause that’s not fun, is it?

  2. lavalamp775 says:

    we don’t have crosses in our church because it’s a movie theater.

    i think jesus also promised abundant life (john 10:10), a peace that passes understanding. There are dozens of verses in proverbs that talk about a blessed life.

    following Christ (discipleship) is hard. it requires sacrifice, commitment, suffering and a host of other tough things. but there’s no better life.

  3. Matt says:


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