Talking Trash…

Posted: September 28, 2007 in College Football

I think one of the best things about college football is the passion that people have for their teams. Most people that I know who care deeply about their team, have paraphernalia in their office or classroom. Of course they have a t-shirt and maybe a couple baseball hats in their closet. However, the most important thing, by far, is getting to talk trash.

Yesterday my father in law called me to talk trash about the Auburn vs. Florida Game. Part of me thinks it will turn out like the Tennessee game 🙂 The other part of me thinks that their defense will keep it close and it might end up like the South Carolina game from last year.

Anyway, trash talking is an art form that many athletes use to mess with their opponents heads. As a former college athlete I know you either learn to talk trash and use it to your advantage or learn how to ignore. When it comes to college football and being an arm-chair, coach, quarterback, and defensive coordinator, I know you opportunities are extremely limited and are strictly tied to the success of your team…Notre Dame’s fans ain’t talking to anyone.

I am suppose to be in Gainesville, for the game, but the game was changed to 8 PM, so it could be on TV. I can’t do church on zero hours of sleep, after driving home with my little boy…I guess I will have to save my trash talking for my wife (Auburn Grad).


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