Growing Up…

Posted: October 1, 2007 in Church Leadership

Once in a while you bump into some really smart people and it seems that everything that comes out of their mouth is worth writing down. You wish they were your college professor, instead of Mr. Boring who read his notes to the class, but instead they are in some role that only let’s them show their brilliance every once in a while.

Another semi-unrelated thought that I have from time to time is that I am affected tremendously by people and by books. I am not fully aware of how these people and/or books have affected me, but it’s evident in my speech and thoughts. I was just thinking about how many times I think in parables, leadership books, or some leader’s shared strategy. It almost a plagerism of sorts, because I just talk, quote, and share without really rembering where I heard something or who said it first (except for parables).

We were talking church leadership structure today and one of the smart dudes we get to hangout with said as you grow you have to structure differently. He said you move from being a doer, to leading doers, to leading leaders, and the final step is leading the leaders who lead leaders.

Not really that complex…the hard part is figuring out when you shift. We are officially at the point where we need to be leading leaders. Much easier said then done, but we can’t grow unless we shift.


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