Catalyst Abridged

Posted: October 6, 2007 in Random

My intention was to come back from Catalyst and help everyone by sharing the cliff notes version of the conference. Unfortunately, we had so many issues on the home front that we had to leave first thing Friday morning….this will be semi-brief.

Andy Stanley – he taught that as a pastor or leader you are the most powerful person in the room when you are with those you manage. How good of a leader you can become will depend on how you leverage that power…for yourself or for the benefit of those you manage.

Patrick Lencioni – this dude was funny. Not funny for the reasons that people like to be funny, but funny because he is ADD. He started 3 stories that he never finished and got distracted by everything in the room.  Anyway he was saying that people should have fun at work, enjoy their jobs and that they don’t because they don’t feel like they are suppose to have fun.  They also don’t feel like they are making a difference and that nobody cares about them.

A panel of four guys told us that society doesn’t like Christians…really!?  Sorry, they gave a bunch of good data and said that we need to be known for what we are for and not what we are against.

Shane Claiborne – this guy was out there. He talked about how we needed to do real ministry and how much he had learned helping people in real bad spots. By far the second weirdest this weekend was his 15 responsive reading (I have got to find a transcript) about the sin of everything. It was out of control…big-time pacifist.

Francis Chan – that dude can preach and is extremely passionate. He reminds me of John Piper. He talked about the need for Pastors to care more about preaching a message of change rather then preaching to draw a crowd. His church gives 50% of their budget away. Out of control…great guy.

Rich Warren – basically he shared that he has given away a lot of money and spends all his time helping people implement the stuff from his book into his life. He preached from a lazy-boy with no shoes on?! Good stuff, real dude, loves Jesus and he has a heart for the next generation. He called for a reformation…more on that later.

That’s all I got it 24 hours…sorry!

  1. so you’re saying you didnt like shane claiborne? maybe you should read irresistible revolution. yeah, he’s weird, weird people do stuff like move into run down neighborhoods and become good neighbors to the marginalized.

  2. Stacy says:

    Shane Claiborne is great! I just finished reading Irrestible Revolution, what a remarkable book!

  3. Stacy says:

    Love irresistible revoluntion! I just finished it, what an amazing book.

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