Watch Out!!

Posted: October 6, 2007 in Random

I said in my last blog that the second weirdest thing from this weekend at Catalst was the responsive reading. That is because of what happend on our way home.

Micheal was driving, while texting, speeding, and following too closely. As we were going up a hill, somewhere in Canton, I noticed a tire heading down the road. As it got closer it jumped the median and then headed straight for us. Now this was no ordinary tire, it was a tire, rim and all spinning dangerously toward us. Since I was the only one watching the road I yelled watch out, don’t hit it, swerve!!! Michael swerved just in time for the tire to jump the curb to our right, go over the sidewalk, miss a truck in the yard next to us and stop somewhere in the trees.

That was a little bit of a rush, we chuckled and then it got hillarious. As we got to the top of the hill we saw a white Toyota car bottomed out on the front left axle. There is a guy standing there, in a Tire Shop uniform, looking as puzzled as he could possibly be. He was trying to figure out what happened and see where the tire ended up. We were laughing to hard at the streak in the asfalt where the car slid to a stop to be of any help.

All I know is that test drive gone bad got someone fired!


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