Posted: October 8, 2007 in Theology

Reformation is an overused word. People throw it around like it’s just another word…kind of like revival. It’s a little ironic that people across the country claim to be in revival because they put it on their marque. You can’t just plan for revival for three days in September.  It’s like you are demanding God show up and change people’s hearts. Back to reformation…

The church needs a reformation of sorts when the average church is declining around America and most people see the church as irrelevant in our culture. The Body of Christ needs to get their mojo back and be able to have a voice and a plan to make a difference. I have heard a number of the up and coming young pastors of my generation talk about everything that God is doing in their churches. It’s remarkable, because it’s being done with people that are untrained and uneducated for the tasks they are tackling (reminds me of the disciples).

I get this feeling that churches all over America are seeing fruitful and explosive steroid growth, which isn’t just relegated to their context or location. It seems we are all apart of something way bigger then themselves. Oak Leaf, Elevation, NewSpring, West Ridge Church, and others might be the avenue the Lord chooses to use to resurrect the average church. If the only people getting baptized are children of your 10-year or veteran members you might have a problem.

I believe the Pastor of these church are onto something when they say God is doing something huge in this generation. Oak Leaf is in a small community filled with established churches and yet we are growing like crazy. Defining crazy…330% growth from the same Sunday last year and 870 folks in 13 months. That’s nuts!

I see this as a revival and a reformation. People in the body of Christ are seeing that church can exciting, creative, and life-changing all at the same time. They see places they can invite their lost friends to without being embarrassed. It’s a modern day movement of God that might make it Baptist lore someday as the next legitimate revival and reformation of a culture.


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