Posted: October 9, 2007 in Church Leadership

According to the stats that I know, the average giving rate for churches is around $20 per person. Said another way (in another book) you can figure out what a churches’ budget should be by taking their regular attendance and multiplying it by $1000. If you have a church with 500 regular attenders they should have a $500,000 budget. At Oak Leaf our average giving rate was $15.91 over the last 10 weeks and our budget should be around $800,000 using the above logic…it’s not even close.

This isn’t a rant about people that don’t tithe and this probably isn’t relevant to the common church goer. However, its important to me as one who gets paid through tithes and offerings and whose job it is to manage the church finances. What I see happening in church is a come and see for free mentality. The church isn’t peddling the Word of God for money, but we also don’t leverage our skills for free. However, people in the services often don’t feel that they are receiving a product or service therefore they aren’t “obligated” or interested in giving.

I know lots of excuses, we don’t have any money, already have enough bills, don’t trust these guys to use my money well. A couple rebuttles…

How is it wise to use your money to go to the movies instead of saving it for a “rainy day?”

How do you know the waiter you tip doesn’t by drugs with your money?

What do you do when you lack the funds to pay your speeding ticket…just go to jail?

To Be Continued…


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