Purple Cow

Posted: October 12, 2007 in Church Leadership

I am in the middle of one of the longest reading streaks I have ever been. I think before September I only finished one or two books in my life. Right now I am in the middle of a book called Purple Cow. All about marketing and thinking outside of the box. It’s a overused term, but this is an older book.

As I am reading through this book I realize that he is really onto something. The last chapter I read, Seth Godin vented about all of the useless or fruitless marketing that companies engage in on regular basis. He explained that the companies have done such a good job meeting people’s need that people no longer pay attention to marketing. You now have do something extradinary to get anyone’s attention and even then you must not try to appeal to everyone just the “early adopters.”

As I rode down the interstate I saw countless billboards advertising everything from churches to gas stations. Some of the signs made you look other made you say, “for $500 a month you put up that?” I saw a church sign just outside of Atlanta that advertised a church, by saying they were “a next level church.” Problem is you couldn’t read what church it was or anything else on the sign at 70 mph.

I believe the church will still spread by grassroots methods like word-of-mouth. However, we should never be afraid to try new things to get this generation to pay attention. They already think that the church is irrelevant so we can’t invite people to a Gospel sing and expect them to beat down our doors. I want to be apart of a church that makes people pay attention.

  1. my personal favorites are
    1. in kennesaw, there is a billboard for a sign that says “worship with wonders…” and i kinda want to check it out so see if it really will take me to an enchanted place.
    2. the one on the interstate going to atlanta that says
    “we worship- 808, hi hat, bass” and then it gives the church name.
    i guess they have it figured out. who knew.

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