Wrestling with God

Posted: October 15, 2007 in Theology

I have only heard one sermon in my life about man wrestling with God, but it’s probably a topic that should be preached more. When I was in seminary my favorite professor, Dr. Paul Sands, preached from Genesis 32:22-32. His message was powerful and although I don’t remember his whole message, I think of of this passage a whole lot more then I used to.

The passage in Genesis is probably in the the Bible for a number of different reasons. I doubt my reasons are totally correct, but it means something powerful to me anyway. The truth of the story of God and Jacob wrestle all night long is either that an Angel of the Lord would get trashed in the WWF or that people can wrestling with God and live.

Maybe you are thinking, “duh that was Jacobs conclusion too.” What I wonder is what if we wrestle with God on a regular basis trying to get our way, our will, and our wishes when He intended something else for us. It’s like a someone who applies to two schools and wants to go to one way more then the other. God doesn’t open the door, but the person is so intent on getting in they modify their goals, finances, and major just to make it work. God probably has something much better in store at the other school, but that person refused to be blessed.

I think its a reality. I know it is for me. God has to body slam me all the time to get me to do what I know I need to do. He always wins and that is the only reason that I am where I am today. Maybe you have the same feelings, you want to push open the proverbial “closed door,” because you want what is on the other side. Just because you can get at it doesn’t mean its a good idea.


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