Bad Luck…

Posted: October 17, 2007 in College Football

Well, my favorite team is on a losing streak…two in a row!! It reminds me of the Ron Zook days, but I am trying not to think about those days. In fact, I think the scores and games played during that era should be stricken from the record books.

This week Gameday will be in Lexington, Kentucky for the first time ever to watch the Gators and Wildcats go at it. It’s got the hype of their basketball games, which is odd for both fans.

Here is what worries me….

My dad who is an extremely unlucky person is going to be at the game. He cut off his thumb last year (it was reattached fine)…he almost always cuts his fingers when pruning bushes and shrubs. He has been hit by 3 vehicles in his lifetime (once by a bus), and has been mugged. Most importantly, he is 0-9 in the last 9 Gator games he has attended dating back 4 or 5 seasons. I don’t know that he is truly linked to their woes on the road or their home losses (he was at this years Auburn game), but it sure seems like it. If the Gators lose, I want everyone to know, it was because he was there. Not turnovers, bad coaching, bad luck, or Andre Woodson. It’s my dad…plain and simple 🙂

  1. Ryan Claxton says:

    Oh boy. I suggest we hire some “professionals” who can “detain” your dad for the next few days, and convince him with their special “techniques” to never attend another Gator game.

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