I wonder what would happen…

Posted: October 18, 2007 in Random

I don’t know if you remember the “I wonder what would happen” Sesame Street cartoon. It’s the one with the girl with the balloon who pops it behind a kid on a skateboard who is walking his dog. She is wondering what would happen if she popped the balloon. In her mind she pops the balloon and then let’s the whole drama unfold in her mind. In her day-dream this little prank causes all kinds of drama and chaos.

It would be cool if we could really have accurate thoughts like that right before we make huge decisions. What if right before we bought a used truck the Lord let us play through 5 years of owning it. That way we could see all of the trouble it will cause us and avoid a lemon. We could sure avoid a lot of bad purchases, bad relationships, and lousy business ventures if we had that ability.

Most of the regrets that I have in life aren’t from lack of knowledge of potential danger, doing something wrong that I was clueless about, or saying something that couldn’t possibly be taken the wrong way. Usually, I just did the wrong thing because I wanted to. In some ways, that’s the blessing and the curse of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit isn’t just around to tell you not to lie, but to tell you how to live your life. Sometimes we act so fast he doesn’t have a chance to speak. Other times we act without even asking.

If I always acted with supernatural spiritual knowledge, I would have a better life. I would also (believe it or not), be richer, healthier, be a better husband, and be leading an even faster growing church. I sure hope I figure it out and slow down.

  1. meridianavila says:

    Sometimes, I think that I like not knowing. I strongly believe that we only make plans to give God a springboard to do something else with them that is beyond our original imagination! I agree that most of the times in my life that I have done a wrong thing, I knew it was wrong at the time. We should be attentive. It requires discipline and patience. -Meridian (found your blog from the random tag)

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