Addicted to TV…

Posted: October 23, 2007 in Random

I have never worked my schedule around the show I wanted to watch or looked forward to a night of the week because of TV. I am just not that into the typical sitcom. Sure I watch Seinfeld and Simpson’s re-runs, but new shows never did anything for me. If it isn’t college football on Saturday I don’t worry if I miss it…until now.

Last year I saw some adds for Heroes. It looked like a X-men TV show, so I checked it out and now I am hooked. Plus, it’s got me checking out a couple other shows. In order, my favorites are:

1. Heroes

2. The Office

3. CSI

Now that I have one of the world’s best inventions, the DVR, I always watch the brand new episodes. I hope it’s not a sin to watch someone “declare bankruptcy!,” or save the cheerleader, because those shows are great. I just wish Silar was in more of the Heroes episodes and someone would explain the girl who’s mascara runs kill everyone. What is her brother, Noxzema-man?

Anybody have a better top three?

  1. Jason Curlee says:

    I’m all with you on Heroes…

    The Ultimate Fighter

    I’m also a Friday night Sci-Fi watcher

  2. tanya says:

    We like Hereos – CSI used to be a favorite but not so much anymore – we also like House. The mascara girl and her brother are new this year – not sure what their deal is though, except that he can fix whatever it is that she does. This week was pretty cool though.

  3. Rob says:

    I have a recommendation for you:

    Instead of watching any of those 3 shows on television, why not read Jeremiah Burrough’s book, “A Treatise on Earthly-Mindedness”? That book is so full of scriptural insight and wisdom, straight from Scripture. I am currently reading it, and it has convicted my TV watching habits. Praise the Lord!

    And a good way to find if what you are doing with your time is Godly is to ask this question: When I am about to die, will I be embarassed that I spent more time doing xxxxxxx than reading God’s Word, Praying, Evangelising?

    What a sobering question that is.

    And just when you think you have a good reason why you SHOULD be watching all this television, watch this video from Gospel For Asia:

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