Posted: October 25, 2007 in Church Leadership

I realize that everyone has something to say. Most people like myself really would like to write a book or have a pet project that allow them to have a creative release. It just seems that the more I am around Pastors and attend conferences related to church planting I hear the same things.

I realize that everyone has a twist on a Biblical concept or a thought on leadership, but can someone please learn to say it in an pamphlet instead a 200 page book? It’s funny that anyone would take seriously a cover that say Jesus on Leadership and not think it’s going to be something different then they heard in the last leadership book they read.

I am convinced that there are very few people who can legitimately write something, hold a conference on church leadership, or preach a sermon that doesn’t sound like the same thing you heard a year ago.

The only people that have legitimately done that in the last couple years are:

Mark Batterson (In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day) – book with prayer of Jabez-like theme

Steve Fee – (Burn For You) – Praise and Worship that is creative, relevant, and hymn-like.

Michael Lukaszewski (Sermons) – Un-heretical theology with a creative modern twist.

Perry Noble (Pastor/Leader) – What you see on Sunday morning is exactly what you get every other day of the week.


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