My Purple Thoughts…

Posted: October 27, 2007 in Random

Here are my takeaways from the book Purple Cow:

• Don’t try to make a product for everyone, because that is a product for nobody.
• Marketing that isn’t remarkable is invisible.
• It’s cheaper (and easier) to keep an old customer then it is to get a new one.
• The safe thing to do is to fit in…however nobody will notice or talk about you if you do.
• Figure out who the sneezers are and give them a cold…get the right people fired up about you.
• Vast majority of people are satisfied and stuck. They don’t need anything, so they aren’t looking for you.
• You never try to catch the leader by doing what they did. You will never get there, because when they did it was novel, new, and attractive. When you do it it’s boring.
• The opposite of remarkable is very good.
• Market making fun of yourself.
• You need to make your venture/business/work your Otaku. Something that’s more than a hobby, but a little less than an obsession.


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