Posted: October 29, 2007 in College Football

I guess 2007 isn’t the year of the Gator.  It’s the year that everyone get’s their revenge for what happened last year and everyone get’s their opportunity to fire up a rivalry. The next few sentences will sound like I am whining a bit or trying to avoid saying that teams deserved to win, but please listen with an open mind.

First, all of the games the Gators lost this year, with the exception of the LSU game, they deserved to lose.  Auburn took advantage of a weak defense and kept a much better offense off the field.  Georgia used everyone’s scheme, coupled with a brash of injuries, and made Florida’s defense look like they were playing with 9.

It sucks to lose, but when you deserve to it at least takes the sting down a notch.  The Florida/Georgia rivalry is suppose to be the Gators biggest.  It’s probably not up to where it was in the 80’s, but hopefully them winning for the 3rd time in 19 tries will help it get back 🙂

Until the Gators get some players on defense, especially the secondary, everyone should take their shots and talk their trash.  At some point back to back No. 1 recruiting classes will have to produce a defense that Ole Miss can’t pick apart.

Not So Bold Predictions: Vanderbilt (Win), South Carolina (Loss), Florida Atlantic (Win), Florida State (Win), Bowl (Loss)

  1. Josh says:

    I think y’all win out, though I’d point out that your problem isn’t just on defense (which is lousy in the secondary, just like Georgia.). Florida really needs a decent running game besides Tebow. Tebow can run like crazy when he’s healthy, but he’s unlikely to be healthy if he runs all the time. Knowshon Moreno narrowed his list to Georgia and Florida before ultimately committing to Georgia. Can you imagine that game Saturday if Knowshon had been wearing a blue jersey? It would have been ugly. I think Meyer’s spread offense has some obvious merit and has succeeded even in the SEC where many predicted it wouldn’t, but I think he undervalues the benefit of a traditional back that can carry the rushing load. A mobile QB and quick receivers that can take handoffs are great, but I think you have to have some good backs to take the load off your QB throughout the game. I have no doubt Meyer will figure this out, which will make Tebow even more difficult to defend when he’s healthy again.

    It’s sort of funny because Georgia has the opposite problem. Richt knows the value of a strong running game, but doesn’t normally spread the field effectively on offense. Instead we work out of power formations too much which lets defenses load up the line. The only reason Georgia won (other than Florida’s substantial injury problems) was that we mixed it up on offense more than we have all season.

    Good luck on the rest of your season.

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