Genius of it all…

Posted: October 30, 2007 in Church Leadership, Random

The real genius of Itunes and Ipods isn’t that you can put all of your music in some fancy device. I think the real genius is realizing the need/want that people have to be in control. People don’t like someone telling them what they have to do or what they have to listen to.

When you listen the radio or watch TV you have to suffer through (or change the channel) all of the fluff to see/hear what you really want. When Apple put together these two creations they were giving everyone total control over their ears. It allows everyone to have their own radio station without the commercials.

Who isn’t going to go for that?

Leaders who are effective don’t create something for the sake of creating it, they realize that there is an underlying principle behind it all. People want to have an authentic experience with God in their life because they are so messed up doing it their way. The problem is some churches make the experience akin to torture. Who wants to listen to the lousy singer belt notes at the top of their lungs, watch people in tacky singing uniforms, or listen to music from a channel you would never go to in your car?

It seems logical to meet people where they are and make hearing the Gospel easy. The being a disciple part is where it is suppose to be tough.


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