Top 5 List For Church Planters

Posted: October 31, 2007 in Church Leadership

1. A 26′ Uhaul truck for all of your supplies. We bought some reliable ones for around $4000 because Uhaul Corporation just replaced 11,000 of their fleet and got rid of all the old ones.

2. A bunch of 50 Gallon Stanley Toolboxes from Home Depot. Don’t spend more then $60 and don’t buy cheap plastic crap from Walmart.

3. Great Signs (get them designed…don’t let them be lame looking). Displays2go is a great resource for the holders.

4. A Database program, like Roll Call, that can be accessed without the internet. It’s nice to track kids attendance without relying on having regular Internet access, which is difficult to guarantee when you are portable.

5. Some heavy duty cases from Portable Church for each kids class.

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