Saving you from reading a book…

Posted: November 5, 2007 in Church Leadership

I just finished a book called The Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley.  It isn’t a new book, but it still has a lot to say to today’s leaders.  In an attempt to free you up from having to read it cover to cover I am listing my top takeaways from the book.  Enjoy and apply.

1.    Only do what only you can do.  Give everything else away.
2.    Work inside of your core competencies…don’t try and do stuff you aren’t excellent at doing.
3.    Courage is essential to leadership. The first person to act is going to be considered the leader.
4.    Courage doesn’t equal carelessness.  Every courage act requires some deep thinking on the subject and some careful planning.
5.    There are always good opportunities that will distract your attention from the one great opportunity with the greatest potential.  In other words there will always be more opportunities then time to pursue them.
6.    You must be clear when there is uncertainty.  You may not know how it will turn out, but you must share what direction you are going.
7.    People will want to know what to do.  If you are clear with them you will gain influence.
8.    You may not know all the answers, so don’t pretend you do.  Seek wise counsel, learn what it means to win and use that as your measure of success.  Sophisticated systems aren’t necessarily better…pick a destination and get there.
9.    To avoid a rut, get a coach.  Find someone who will challenge you and show you your blind spots.
10.     You are being evaluated all the time.  Give people the opportunity to give their frank and honest criticisms.
11.    Character is the will to do what’s right even when it’s hard.
12.    Leaders worth following do not pretend to live in two worlds.  There is no discrepancy between their professional lives and their private lives.
13.    There is no reason to violate the principles of God in order to maintain the blessings of God.  Our invisible King controls outcomes…you have to believe that to sustain your resolve to do what is right.
14.    Don’t let your talent and giftedness take you further then your character can sustain you.  You may get too big for your own britches and operate in a way you never thought you could/would.


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