Hearing from God

Posted: November 6, 2007 in Church Leadership, Theology

I have been on a mini-kick lately praying that God would speak more clearly on some of the major issues that our church faces.  In addition, I have been asking Him to show up in more supernatural ways.  I am sure that I am not the only pastor that thinks it makes sense that God would tell the leaders of His church clearly what direction to go.  Obviously, He chooses to use to use some leaders to care for larger groups of people, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they hear from God any better.  In fact many of the pastors of large churches probably have so much going on that their relationship with God is weaker then the pastor of a smaller church with a smaller staff?!

The majority of my frustration has been that God seems to be the most silent on the biggest issues.  Maybe that jives with the Bible’s perspective of who He is and how He operates, but I haven’t done an in-depth study to determine if that would be a correct hypothesis.  It seems that He guided Moses, David, Paul, and others in such a way that when the asked for direction they could be sure he would answer.

If you are interested, Oak Leaf Church needs direction on a couple things:

1. How to continue to reach people far from God.

2. What our next meeting location should be.

3. What things we need to change so that we can do number 1 better.


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