Posted: November 8, 2007 in Theology

Sometimes you hear the word favor used to hear about how God is blessing this person or that person. You see God protecting someone or promising them something in the Bible and it’s all because of God’s favor. Jacob received God’s favor before he was even born and was blessed despite being a deceitful liar. Joseph had God’s hand on his life.  Despite the fact that his brothers hated his guts and tried to kill him, his bosses’ wife lied about a potential rape, Joseph still became the vice president of Egypt.

It seems like God is still in the business of giving his blessing, protection or favor to people in the 21st century.  It doesn’t seem as obvious, because everyone has a nice house, drives a nice car, and can go out to eat all of the time.  I think it shows up in the little things.  Maybe it’s how many random expenses you incur, how many times your kids get sick, or how your business does.

We talk to a lot of church planters who want some tips and we freely give them.  It’s evident to us that some churches make it and others don’t despite the fact that they use all of the same methods and techniques.  It not solely related to ability, prayer, and timing, but I can promise God’s favor is there.  Why else would some churches grow to 2800 in less then 2 years, others 750 in 3 and others not even make it 2 years?

I feel a conviction that it is important for those who God chooses to bless to make it their duty to bless others, because no matter how good you are at your job you are where you are because God put you there. It would be incredible if more churches operated like NewSpring and LifeChurch and gave away resources.  If more churches invited church planters to come and learn free of charge.  I realize we are all busy, but everyone from a barber to a chef who is knocking out of the park will probably continue to do so even if they share how they got where they are.  After all, the leader is almost always the first one to do something, not necessarily the best one at something.  Target is better then Walmart, but there are a lot more stinking Walmarts then Targets.


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