Church Talk

Posted: November 9, 2007 in Church Leadership

I have read some funny blogs and some interesting perspectives on talking Christianese. Words like sanctuary, brother, and pews are some of the words that we have outlawed at Oak Leaf Church.

When one pastor is talking to the another pastor it seems like a given that they are both Christians, believe God is in control, and pray about stuff.   That’s why it’s so weird that that Pastors would have exchanges full of Christianese.  I can’t find a good reason why would you ever tell someone “you should pray about it,” or “we just trust God?” What the heck good does that do someone who has already done both of those things?

I wonder sometimes if we Christians spiritualize too much and miss out on the practical steps God wants us to take. Prayer is literally the answer to everything, but it doesn’t mean that it will solve every problem. Are you really going to tell a little girl whose parents died in a car crash, “you should pray?” It’s more likely that you are going to give her practical steps to dealing with the tragedy. Does it make sense to tell the dad who finances are in shambles, “you should pray God provides?” Wouldn’t it more sense to say, “I know a financial guru that I am going to hook you up with,” or “you should listen to David Ramsey?”

Maybe I am a little naive, but I think doing any of those things or telling someone who needs some specific information to just pray is irresponsible. It’s kind of like James 2:15-16…what good does it do to tell a naked dude say a prayer and you will have some BKE jeans and a sweet shirt from the Banana Republic?

I guess I wish Christians could be a little less spiritual and a little more practical.


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