“What do you do?”

Posted: November 13, 2007 in Church Leadership

I have had some interesting conversations over the last couple of weeks with people who don’t understand my job.  They swear that I just sit around in my office and read my Bible and journal.  Or maybe I just go to lunch with people or pray all of the time.  As much as I would like to get paid to read my Bible and pray all day that wouldn’t be very healthy.  I don’t like to read and don’t have any attention span…so I wouldn’t be very productive.  Before too long I would be in Michael’s office grabbing a guitar and playing Nothing Else Matters for everyone to enjoy.

So what is the answer?

My job is three-fold.  Manage the staff (lots of stuff here), day-to-day operations (mostly money stuff), and helping Michael put feet to his ideas.  Sometimes I feel like it is really summed up in the fine print of most work contracts which says, “and other duties as request/assigned.”

If you are interested in reading my actual job description click here.


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