“What do you do?” 2

Posted: November 14, 2007 in Church Leadership

I had a ridiculous activity/task today that is worth sharing. It is one of those “other duties as assigned,” things that can cause you to go grey or bald.

Story: Michael got his wallet stolen back on October 22. He called that morning to report it stolen.

I have been getting e-mails from Bank of America to tell me that we had some suspicious activity on our debit card. So I called and they told me they were still pending, so they couldn’t do anything. I call back today after they cleared and they ask me all the super-annoying diagnostic questions, which I failed for the very first time ever ( I am the only person listed on the account!!). They black-list me and I can no longer get anyone to help me over the phone (I called back 3 times).

So, I break after many negotiations and go to an actual bank. I then have to explain my story for the 7th time. It took the help of 2 tellers and one manager to get someone to help. Then we spent time on hold at the same number I wasn’t allowed to call. We all stood around at the actual bank to figure out how someone was able to make a purchase on a canceled card 3 weeks after it was canceled. We then determine nobody knows how that happened and that someone even put a block on the new debit card, which had never even been activated.

I am sure that one day I will be able to say I have had a more frustrating and stupid experience, but this is the dumbest so far.

You don’t want my job 🙂

  1. Laurel says:

    So.. after all that nonsense, please tell me they aren’t holding you responsible for charges on a deactivated card…

  2. agratto says:

    No thank goodness I might have had to act the fool if they had.

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