Making Decisions Part II…

Posted: November 18, 2007 in Church Leadership

The answer is you can’t!!

If an angel knocked on your door and said you are going to have a kid who will become president would you believe them at that moment? If you had dream where God said you were suppose to quit your job because He was going to provide for you with food and clothing that fell from the sky would you quit right after breakfast? Chances are that you wouldn’t be so zealous and that you would think about it, seek advice, and have a few more conversations with Him about His directions. After all of the thinking, making a pro’s/con’s list you might be ready.

In my experience, even if you felt God tell you to do something you probably aren’t 100% sure of the results, because you are human and we want to be sure. He has also been known to change His mind. I distinctly remember Him saying He would wipe all of mankind off the face of the Earth and then He decided to spare a few (Noah). I also remember His decision to destroy Israel and start over with Moses, but He listened to Moses and worked with them anyway. Plus, one story when Abraham bartered to save his nephew because God wanted to wipe out his hometown.

My point isn’t to say negative things about God’s faithfulness or say that you can’t trust Him at His word. Instead it is to say that you can’t ever be 100% sure about anything. Faith is always a factor and there is always room for your judgment. As a pastor I have to trust God to be faithful to his servants and His words in the Bible. I can’t just say a quick prayer and expect him to quickly answer so I can go on to the next decision.

For a while this was a huge ministerial frustration. It seems that a Pastor, of all people, should always be sure, because God is right there for the answers. The reality is that because we are human we are never going to be more then 80%-90% sure of any decision we make. There will always be cheaper gas if you drive north one more exit, a better deal, or a way you can screw it up.

The moral to the story is act. Don’t  get stuck trying to be sure…it won’t ever happen.


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